Before my time in the video game industry I was part of the audio industry. I have a Bachelor's degree from SAE Institute in Audio Engineering and then then worked for a year and a half at a renowned french studio at the time called DCybelart Studio. 


As an audio producer and engineer my time was divided between organizing and optimizing workflow between the artists, recording engineer (me), mixing engineer and mastering engineer. We had hour based contract so it was essential to be efficient in our work.



I also worked as a recording and pre-mix engineer, setting mics, recording voices and doing a clean up edit to get the audio ready to be mixed. 

We mostly worked in the French Hip Hop industry with successful songs that received over 32 million views on Youtube like Case Depart from Team BS where I recorded the rappers: 

Below you will find some of my work done inside the gaming industry particularly on the project Hollowed where I wrote the soundtrack, recorded voices, implemented and mixed the entire soundscape.


Hollowed is an Indie Award Winning Platformer released on Steam late 2017. 

I was the composer for the game's OST and the audio engineer for the project. The goal was to create a soundtrack that conveys the feeling of melancholy. I used the dissonance of a strong reverb mixed with a single piano to create an uneasiness in the tracks.


You will find bellow the full soundtrack of the game and a full playthrough video to showcase the sound effect and mixing done  as well as a few prototype projects. 


Full OST soundtrack of Hollowed 


Full Playthrough of Hollowed

A Married Dame

This project was created with the constraints of focusing on story. The team I worked on aimed at taking inspiration from the classic Noir movie theme and stories for this project. 

During the project I was in charge of recording, mixing, and implementing all audio which was essential to telling the narrative we aimed to create. I recorded both voice actors using Audacity, normalized audio volumes then mixed audio using EQs, compressors, and more with Protools, then implemented the audio utilizing an audio script and gameplay cues in Unity. ​

This project took around 20hrs and was finished within 2 weeks.  


VRteology is a VR experience created for the VIVE where players must solve puzzles utilizing replicas of Chinese artifacts in order to descend further into the burial tomb of a Chinese Emperor. You can find out more about my contributions and the project on the Game Projects tab above or by clicking the button below.

Within the game I recorded all four voice actors, designed and mixed the voices depending on the in game audio circumstances (ex: speaking through walkie talkie), and implemented the audio by using visual scripting through UE4 blueprints.

Implementation involved creating logic flow and sequencing of the audio by connecting to gameplay triggers in order to play the audio with correct context and timing.