During my time at Riot Games I have been taking on different projects and games. My latest and current one is Wild Rift for Console and Mobile.

Here is a shot description of what I have done:

Tellstones: King's Gambit

Tellstones is Riot's second new board game. During my time on the project I work as a designer to help design alternate rules by exploring and iterating prototype designs and using playtest (internal and external) to confirm which aspect players felt the game was lacking in. I also contributed to iterating the balance of the game rules based on the player's feedback.

Wild Rift

Wild Rift is Riot's new MOBA based on it's PC counter part: League of Legends. It is not a port from the pc game since our goal is to create a tailored experience for its platforms: Console and Mobile. 


I have been working for over three years on many parts of the project from the console specific experience to the Around Game Experience and now Gameplay. My experiences helped shaped new standards for production and design. I am now the Initiative Lead Producer for Gameplay and my role entails on transitioning the team from a launch mentality to a live service mentality and helping define a new product vision for the identity of our game. 


My focus for Wild Rift Gameplay has been prioritized in both product design and production:

  • Identify product gaps and opportunity spaces for core gameplay by looking at player data and sentiment, playing the game, and comparing against competitors

  • Directing new feature sets for our live game with a focus on role identity and new gameplay experiences.

  • Improve work/life balance culture through setting better precise development standards, stating clear commitments and accountabilities, and establishing working agreements for developers

  • Improve process structures (milestones and rituals) to better serve our product vision and solve missed opportunity spaces that could delight players


During my time on the IP team I created UX wireframes and implemented design changes for Riot's
IP Universe website, redesigning information structure and flow for region pages. I was also responsible of its products delivered weekly to players. I did so by managing content pipelines and inter-team dependencies for stories, comics, and champion bio on a weekly release cadence. Coordinated
with localization and regional teams to launch content across 21 different languages.