During my time at Riot Games I have been taking different projects and games while my latest and current one is Wild Rift for Console and Mobile. Here is a shot description of what entail and which project:

Tellstones: King's Gambit

Tellstones is Riot's second new board game which will be released soon. During my time on the project I work as a designer to help design alternate rules by exploring and iterating prototype designs and using playtest (internal and external) to confirm which aspect players felt the game was lacking in. I also contributed to iterating the balance of the game rules based on the player's feedback.

Wild Rift

Wild Rift is Riot new MOBA based on it's PC counter part League of Legends. It is not a port from the pc game since our goal was for this product to create a tailored experience for its platforms: Console and Mobile. 


My role entail on managing the delivery and communication for the Around Game team of Wild Rift (Outside of Summoner Rift Experiences) while building a strong relationship between Riot and Partner studios to help ensure that the process and communication is always being optimized while holding Riot's standard on the quality of our product

Example of my experiences on the team  has been to work with UX and UI designers to create definitions of done for "Meta Game" features, ensure their designs accomplish product objectives and are within scope for engineering implementation; to establish and build relationships between Riot and multiple
external partner studios to ensure clear product objectives are hit and align on delivery goals; Improve designer workflows and review processes to increase benefits of agile iteration loops and create shorter lead times to getting the feature in engine; and build help leadership prioritize/ plan our work based on our product goals.


During my time on the IP team I created UX wireframes and implemented design changes for Riot's
IP Universe website, redesigning information structure and flow for region pages. I was also responsible of its products delivered weekly to players. I did so by managing content pipelines and inter-team dependencies for stories, comics, and champion bio on a weekly release cadence. Coordinated
with localization and regional teams to launch content across 21 different languages.