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Video Game Developer

Charley Choucard

Hello, my name is Charley and I am a Senior Product Manager on Riot's new League of Legends Moba game called Wild Rift on console and mobile.

I have my master’s degree in Video Game Production from Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy - UCF and have worked from EA, Iron Galaxy, Quantum Giant, to Riot Games.

I have loved video games all my life. Even today I still prioritize time in my personal life to play and explore new games. My goal in my career is to lead/ shape a game experience that will have a lasting emotional impact on players. 

To achieve this goal, I understand that I need to be an expert in both design and production. This path has thus far grown my skill in UX, Audio, Level Design, Design and now Game Production leading teams of 50 developers plus partner studios.


If you would like to learn about more about who I am or the games I have played these past few years please check out the About Me tab!


Feel free to contact me by email or phone as listed below.

Tel: (321) 442 3452

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