Video Game Developer

Charley Choucard

Hello, my name is Charley and I am a Game Producer on Riot's new Moba League of Legends game called Wild Rift on console and mobile.

I have my master’s degree in Video Game Production from Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy - UCF and have worked from EA, Iron Galaxy, Quantum Giant, to Riot Games.

From the beginning of my career I have been working, learning, and growing towards the goal of becoming a Lead Designer / Executive Producer in the next 5 years and a Creative Director in the next 10 years. To achieve this goal, I understand that I need to be an expert in both design and production. This path has thus far grown my skill in UX, Audio,  Level Design, Design and now Game Production leading a team of 30 developers plus partner studios.


Feel free to contact me by email or phone as listed below.

Tel: (321) 442 3452

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