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Here are direct links to my  Level Design or Audio design work. 


Here are a few examples of UX work that I am able to show you. For my UX documents my goal is to always try to prioritize visual over written docs. I believe design is communicated more clearly and quickly when an image describes the action instead of a few paragraphs


Dreadnought is Real Time Tactical Shooter set in a Sci-Fi Space setting.

Iron Galaxy's work on Dreadnought PS4 was to adapt the PC's menu system/ UI systems for its console counter part. My goal as a UX designer was to propose UI changes that would keep a close identity to the PC game while feeling accessible for a controller.


Below you will find a few examples of my work. If you would like more work on Dreadnought you can follow this link to my Dreadnought page

dreadnought PS4.png
- Ship Tech Tree

Ship Tech Tree

Displaying the ships unlock tech tree that informs the player of ship rarity tier and availability.

dreadnought PS4.png
- Unlocking

Unlocking New Ship

This design was a proposal to re-imagined how a player could unlock a new ship through upgrades. Although because of prioritization, it was not able to be implemented the design was finalized.


Both Videos are mock-ups made in PowerPoint to give a visual representation of moving the unlocking animation and cursor movement with that new system.

Unlocking Animation

Cursor Movement

dreadnought PS4.png
NBA Live

During my time at EA Sports I was part of the live production team for NBA Live Mobile. We worked in a Kandan methodology, prioritizing on submitting live content daily. 

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Designing Campaigns

Campaigns are 1 to 2 week long themed events based around either a holiday or an NBA event like Playoffs. Our goal as designers was to create engaging gameplay themed around this event to optimized player participation and player conversion to paid customer. 

My goal is always to prioritize documentation through visuals rather than words. Here is an example of a proposal document for a Christmas themed campaign.


Borderlands 2 - Weapon Tooltip

The goal of this personal project was to rework the Weapon Tooltip for Borderlands 2.  My focus was making a more visually appealing design to help broaden the audience to a more casual player base while keeping the hardcore players in mind.

Borderlands 2 - Weapon Tooltip

Borderlands 2 - NPC Vendor

The goal of this personal project was to rework Vendors for Borderlands 2. My focus was in making a more immersive experience with NPCs that sold visual representation of their wares directly in the world instead of begin through solely through UI. This meant rethinking the placement and prioritization of the UI, UX and visual space for the physical objects.

Borderlands 2 - NPC Vendor


The goal was to create a themed campaigns for a Blackjack mobile game to help bring back attention from lost players and also attract a new demographic of players.

This UX document is purely visual to ease the communication for developers

Design Piches

Design Pitches

During my time at I have created design documents that encapsulate the vision and design of a game in 1500 words or less. The objective of each design pitch is to give anyone a short idea of what the game is about and clarify the vision. Each document here is a personal design created within one week.

Use arrows on the sides of the pictures to navigate through the pages of the GDD  

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