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Extinction is a real-time action combat game where you play as humanities last hope, a warrior human named Avil, who must protect the people and town from the on-slaughter of gruesome monsters. The game is being developed by Iron Galaxy and will be published in April 2018. I have been working on Extinction as both a designer and producer, more details about my contributions below.  

Level and Encounter Design

During my time working on Extinction I have been the sole person responsible for delivering 25 trials, levels that are outside the regular game flow that provide players a way to use their experience and the mechanics in different scenarios. I create the objectives of each trial, the game flow of the trial, different conditions and encounters within the trials, and more. 

Each set of 5 trials was setup to play off a different mechanical theme that gives players a chance to try out different kinds of objectives outside of what they would experience during the narrative levels.

 All levels I created were included as DLC content.

UX Design

In addition to level design I have been also helping with some of the design for Extinction. This included changes to the UX, mechanics, visual layout, skill system, and more. Due to NDA I am not allowed to disclose specific on anything not shown in currently published videos.

Many of these designs involve prototyping or creating design documents then proposing these changes to the Lead designer and iterating on the designs as needed. Other designs changes and iterations have come from running playtests and collecting metrics. After collecting specific metrics that would test difficulty, engagement, and play-ability I would analyse the findings in excel then use this data to drive iteration. I would type up any changes based on the playtest, including the data to support the reason for the change, then present these to the creative director and lead designer.

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