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Here is a quick overview of how I came to be a video game producer.



Throughout  high school I acquired a new passion. Hearing all the amazing music scores in the video games I played inspired me to pick up an instrument. I started by teaching myself guitar.

This interest later drove me to pursue higher education in audio engineering. Halfway through my bachelors degree I started to garner interest in  working the  video games industry. 

With the help of a good friend, I took a shot at writing my own soundtrack for a videogame (click button below to listen). Once I finished my degree and began working in the audio industry I wanted to continue my education into video games. Only a year after my bachelors, I was accepted to Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy and moved back to the United States to pursue my M.S. in game design. 


I am originally from France spending my first 13 years in Paris. I spent all my high school years and first college years in Florida. 

My parents traveled a lot when I was young and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel with them. I have been to over 10 different countries including China, Thailand, England, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, and of course USA and France. 

I was lucky enough that my dad was able to get a green card in the United States which I also now posses. My hope is to be able to work in the United States in order to gain full citizenship, but I hope to still be able to travel when my work allows.


Sports have always been a big part of my life. Since my younger years I have played a variety of sports including but not limited to ping-pong, tennis, basketball, skiing, handball, but there was one sport that defined me the most. That sport was golf.

I have been playing golf for over 20 years. When I was a teenager I would play 50+ hours a week in order to become a pro-golfer. This dream was almost realized when I was 17. I played at the US Open Qualifier which is the biggest pro tournaments in the United States. I unforutnately finished three shots short.

After this I realized I was always one step behind my peers in golf and decided to retire my dream of becoming a pro golfer and pursue my studies instead.

before FIEA

After golf I was uncertain what I wanted to do with my life. I continued down the traditional education path, and started at Valencia Community College. I took a few aptitude tests to determine what career path I was most suited for and found that I was off the charts in spacial visualization. This lead me down the path of architecture.

Three years into my architecture degree I realized I needed passion in my work to be successful. This led me to stop architecture and start a new degree in audio engineering.


I moved back to France and started my bachelors degree in audio engineering.After a three year accelerated program I graduated from SAE Institute.  Shortly after I started working at DCybelart Studios in Paris, one of the renowned studios in France. 

Studies Before FIEA


Video games were always a taboo in my family. Playing them meant to my parents that I would fail my studies, give up on sports, and become socially awkward. 

Nonetheless, I continued to play even in secret. One game that ignited this passion, driving me to disobey my parents and setting me on a directory to my current career path was Final Fantasy 9. 

Now with years of indulging this passion, my gaming tastes have evolved to more then just RPGs. Some of my favorite games now include BioShock Infinite, Windwaker, Last of Us, Pokemon, Rayman 2 & 3, Super Smash Brothers, and Chrono Trigger.  But I still hold a secret passion for all Final Fantasy games.

If you would like to learn more about the games I have recently played please take a look at my game reviews!

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