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Riot Games

During my time at Riot Games I have been taking on different projects and games. My latest and current one is Wild Rift for Console and Mobile.

Here is a shot description of what I have done:

Wild Rift
Wild Rift

Wild Rift is Riot's new MOBA based on it's PC counter part: League of Legends. It is not a port from the pc game since our goal is to create a tailored experience for its platforms: Console and Mobile. 


I have been working for over three years on many parts of the project from the console specific experience to the Around Game Experience and now Gameplay. I helped shaped new standards for production and design. I am now the Initiative Lead Producer for Gameplay and my role entails on transitioning the team from a launch mentality to a live service mentality and helping define a new product vision for the identity of our game. 


I have worked on multiple aspects of Wild Rift:

  • Shipping Wild Rift Beta for the Around Game experience

    • Once I joined the project, I focused my time on understanding clearly how we were tracking towards our objectives, helped set solid structures around vision communication and product prioritization then focused my time on helping the team set new standards for iteration and implementation. ​

    • Beta ended up being the most successful release in terms of scope and stability for Around Game on Wild Rift

  • Working on adapting Wild Rift mobile to Console

    • Once Wild Rift was launched, I focused my time on developing console and getting us towards a clear release window​.

    • Since Wild Rift Mobile was already live, it created some challenges in operations since half our game was transitioning to a live service while the other still was going through Alpha. It became a game of cat of mouse as Mobile was developing new systems as we were trying to catch up on already existing ones.

    • I focused on setting new standards of development between Mobile with Console in mind

  • Directing the redesign of Around Game Experience 

    • During my time on console I had also worked on a pitch to redesign our entire Around Game Experience which involved rethinking our entire user flow from Home Screen all the way to the In Game experience​.

    • The pitch got approved by all leadership as this was a major redesign involving almost all aspect of our game.

    • There were three major reasons for this redesign:

      • We wanted to reimagine a more streamline experience between mobile and console​

      • Optimize our user flow.

      • Provide more options for self expression. 

    • I am not yet able to share with you more details on the design of the system as it is not yet released but I am happy to talk more with you in person directly

  • Launching Gameplay Experiences 

    • I then got promoted to the initiative lead for Gameplay experiences. Gameplay is the other side of the coin from Around Game and focuses on all experiences inside what we call the Summoner's Rift. As the name implies the features involves Champions, Abilities, Maps and Modes, Systems and Balance, etc

    • Our team's processes were optimized for game development of an unshipped title. One of my major contribution was to shift their mentality and process from an unshipped title mindset to a live game mindset; setting new milestones, team structure and design pitch process.

    • My latest contribution on the project was to actually shift away from the multiple initiatives of Around Game and Gameplay as we realized that two separate teams caused limitation in the our product prioritization and cohesiveness of features.

  • Directing new feature from core gameplay systems including Role Identity, Game Pacing, Objectives, etc 

    • My work on Wild Rift is again now shifting towards more product design as the team as gone through a major restructure. I'm tackling my responsibilities on two fronts:

      • Building and directing a new structure for content driven by our partner studios

        •  We now have content fully developed by our partner studios and my role is to provide a vision for the work that they will tackle while making sure that is it coherent with the work driven on our side, then review the implementation/ provide feedback if needed.

      • Direct and optimize our gameplay systems

        • Riot is now driving on improving our gameplay systems and my role is to provide them a vision and direction from our iteration of role identities, gameplay pacing, runes and spells, etc.​

        • My biggest work for that team right now is the Pre-Season

Tellstones: King's Gambit

Tellstones is Riot's second new board game. During my time on the project I work as a designer to help design alternate rules by exploring and iterating prototype designs and using playtest (internal and external) to confirm which aspect players felt the game was lacking in. The design ended being a two v two game mode called Allies Stand Together that focuses on collaboration  to outplay their opponent.  I also contributed to iterating the balance of the game rules based on the player's feedback.


During my time on the IP team I created UX wireframes and implemented design changes for Riot's
IP Universe website, redesigning information structure and flow for region pages. I was also responsible of its products delivered weekly to players. I did so by managing content pipelines and inter-team dependencies for stories, comics, and champion bio on a weekly release cadence. Coordinated
with localization and regional teams to launch content across 21 different languages.

IP Universe
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