Solo Projects

This page showcases personal projects I created by myself. Most were developed in order to further my skills working in engine for level design and visual scripting.

Fallout 4 Mod 

The goal of this level was to take lore from Fallout 2 and incorporate it into a compelling quest within Fallout 4. I researched Fallout lore and Boston to inspire the story design and researched into Bethesda's level design to understand how to match their level layout and combat encounters.

The project was my first time using Creation Kit and took 26 hours including the ramp up learning time and research.

The Ruins

The Ruins was my first time using UE4 and blueprints. The goal of the level is for the player to explore the space in a linear fashion, collecting artifacts along the way, and attempting to reach the end of the level where the final artifact lies. The player can double jump, sprint, and crouch in order to get through the puzzles.

The project took ~40 hours for me to complete which included the level design, visual scripting of level events and abilities, and visual layout.

The Castle

The Castle was a rapid prototype inspired by the Legends of Zelda. The goal was to create one central node the player would regularly return to as solving different puzzles within the dungeon. I experimented with unlocking new abilities to try to understand how this would change how the player progress in the level. The player has the ability to double jump and shoot objects that can trigger switches. Upon completing the first three challenges, the player unlocks the ability to reverse gravity for themselves.


The rapid prototype took around 14 hours with that time including level design, implementation of mechanics, rough aesthetic pass, lighting, and level event implementation.

The Cube

The Cube was created in order to challenge myself to design a new way of approaching 2D side-scrolling. The goal for the player is explore four sides of a cube collecting artifacts along the way. Each side of the cube holds one artifact but in order to reach the artifact the player must travel around the cube utilizing different teleporters to complete the puzzles.

The project took 28 hours with a focus on using visual scripting and blueprints to drive game play mechanics and cameras.

The Maze

The Maze was developed with the constraints of designing a level centered around stealth.  The level is top down and the player has limited vision of the surrounding. The "double edge sword" at play is that the enemy lights help you better navigate the maze of the level but also are dangerous to the player since being caught by the lights causes the player to lose. The player has the option to turn on lights to know where the objective is, but also creates more enemies on the map.

The level took 25 hours to complete.