Team Projects

Below are a collection of smaller projects worked on with interdisciplinary teams ranging from 3-10 people. These projects were either developed as prototypes or created for non-commercial purposes. 


VaRteology, as the name suggest, is a virtual reality game produced on the VIVE that focuses on educating and inspiring interest in Chinese ancient art history. The player descends down into a fictional Chinese tomb and will interact with replicas of real Chinese artifacts to solve puzzles and progress further into the tomb. The Chinese artifacts introduced in the game are taken from college level curriculum for art history.


It was produced for classroom use by two professors: Lanlan Kuang at University of Central Florida and Wei Lin at Transylvania University. The game was developed across 3 months (at about 5 hours a week) by 8 developers including myself. Select the Level Design or Audio button below to see my contributions.


O is a one button mobile game. The gameplay consist of a ball that is infinitely rolling around the inner perimeter of a circle. By tapping anywhere on the screen the ball will jump diagonally to the other side of the circle. The player must time these jumps to avoid hitting red zones of the circle that light up during the progress of the game. 

The game was originally developed as a rapid prototype by 6 developers in two weeks. The prototype was further developed by 3 developers across the span of two months (4 hours a week). To see my contribution click the Level Design button below.

The Logician

The Logician was originally created as a prototype to show proof of concept. The goal of the game is to inspire middle school students interest in programming. The game focuses on helping children understand the logic of programming through the genre of a RPG farming simulator. 

The prototype was originally developed by a team of 5 including myself, which I presented and tested at the technology convention Otronicon. The concept was greenlit and followed up by a team of 12 developers for a year long development cycle, with the intention of being used in central Florida schools. The alpha milestone for the year long project can be seen at the link below.

A Married Dame

A Married Dame was developed as a game prototype by a team of 6 developers. The game takes inspiration from the Noir movie genre both in story and appearance. The player takes on the roll of a PI who is seeking to uncover what happened to his ex-lover. The player must find clues and line them up to match the shadows in the apartment to unravel the mystery.

My contribution can be seen by selecting the Level Design or Audio buttons below.