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Product Design

Product Design

Game development is always a game of compromises and prioritization where we look to make educated choices to find the best outcome either through Production or Design. Processes are meant to serve a vision of product and design outcomes which makes them closely intertwined. This is why it has always been tough for me to disassociate the two.

I am a game developer that thrive from thinking strategically/ at a high level. This led me to responsibilities from tactical design execution to setting a vision for the team, communicating the strategy helping teams execute and validate outcomes on multiple features and projects.

Here are some of the responsibilities that I have had throughout my career in Product Design:

Riot Games

Riot Games | WILD RIFT | Oct 2019  – current 

  • Directed the redesign of our entire client experience with a focus on two pillars: awareness/ accessibility and self expression/ customization. This included 5 features teams with design, UI, UX and engineering all focused on different feature sets 

  • Directed our design team to build our console experience for Wild Rift with a focus on user flow transitions from mobile to console controls.

  • Directing on new feature sets for our live game with a focus on role identity and new gameplay experiences. This includes proposing and implementing ways to adapt the creative vision and team processes to improve the product without causing friction for developers and player

  • Identify product gaps and opportunity spaces for core gameplay by looking at player data and sentiment, playing the game, and comparing against competitors

  • Set quality standards of all design development of features fully developed by partner studio. This is done through clear design pillars, rituals and feedback loops.

  • Discovered, pitched, and lead a solve for ineffective user flows to increase system engagement for players on game start.

  • Pitched then designed a new Home Screen for console by gathering player testimonials from insights team, reviewing the problem space with designers, and reviewing UX/UI wireframes and visual mockup.

  • Interpreted the product vision for tactical design decisions, prioritizing design iteration for features including: Champion Select, End of Game Screen, Home Screen, Profile Pages, and Store/Collections.


Riot Games | TELLSTONES | Feb2019  – Oct 2019

  • Designed alternate co-op rules for new Riot board game, Tellstones: King’s Gambit, by exploring and iterating prototype designs and using playtest (internal and external) to confirm which aspect of the game the players felt was lacking.


Riot Games | LORE IP | Feb2019  – Oct 2019

  • Created UX wireframes and implemented design changes for League IP Universe website, redesigning information structure and flow for Region pages.

Quantum Giant











Quantum Giant| Unannounced Project | May 2018  – Dec 2018

  • Owned level and feature design, while working in engine to implement level interactions and prototyping new features with engineers and artists

  • Developed level aesthetics with consideration to gameplay implications which included implementing lighting/post-processing, set-dressing, and visual layout.

  • Created UX documentation for Menu System, Character Select and in game UI with consideration to limited dev resources and optimizing player experience.

  • Collaborated with Executive Producer of studio to solidified product vision then utilized the vision to prioritize feature development.

NBA Live









EA Games | NBA LIVE Mobile | Dec 2017  – May 2018

  • Owned and implemented new live content daily which includes creating and balancing events, collectibles, and rewards based on game economics.

  • Designed unique 30 second levels every day, utilizing XML to implement content in engine.

  • Pitched and developed mission campaigns mechanics and narrative tie ins which were themed after real world events including the Road to Playoffs and All-Star.

Iron Galaxy









Iron Galaxy | Extinction | Aug 2017  – Dec 2017

  • Reorganized skills to follow an unlocking tree system then scheduled and
    scoped and scheduled the execution of the new system with programmers and artists.

  • Designed, structured, and implemented the entire DLC content through 25 levels by creating new gameplay styles and challenges using existing mechanics.

  • Adjusted the design and layout of the game menu to optimize clarity in
    game modes


Iron Galaxy | Dreadnought | Aug 2017  – Dec 2017

  • Created over 20 implemented features through UX documentation with animated UI mockups while working closely with art and programming teams to ease the workflow and iterative process.



Project Polish | Hollowed | Dec 2016  – Oct 2017

  • Developed levels from the concept stage all the way to game complete status
    which included designing layout, developing puzzles, establishing gameflow,
    conception of story elements, placing assets and effects, creating camera work, and polishing through testing.

  • Collaborated with animators and programmers to revise animations to better suit gameplay features and visual acuity.

  • Cooperated with artists to revise art pieces in order to better fit the needs of gameplay and visual acuity of the levels.

  • Cooperated with programmers to solve technical problems including LOS, trajectory vs velocity, and controller sensitivity relating to internal gameplay systems.

  • Created a design process during pre-production that developed coherent gameplay elements using input from all designers.

  • Created over 80 puzzles with four mechanics and then used playtesting data to cut and organize the puzzles into an effective game flow

  • Designed and mixed audio using Protools and Wwise in order to provide feedback to players using mechanical and environmental cues.

  • Revised puzzles and mechanics to incorporate mental and physical dual components in order to balance challenge and accessibility.

  • Utilized game mechanics in ways that were not originally planned effectively doubling potential puzzles and creating a greater variety of gameplay experiences for players.

  • Worked with designers to develop world lore and story building assets that drew inspiration from multiple cultures and mythologies while holding true to the theme and tone of our game.

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