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Dreadnought is Real Time Tactical Shooter set in a Sci-Fi Space setting.

Iron Galaxy's work on Dreadnought PS4 was to adapt the PC's menu system/ UI systems for its console counter part. My goal as a UX designer was to propose UI changes that would keep a close identity to the PC game while feeling accessible for a controller.


Here you will find example of my work on the project with a video for each document of the final released product.

Orbit Iteration

Orbit Team Comp

Display Team Composition in the Select Ship Screen before a match

Unlocking New Ship

Unlocking New Ship

This design was a proposal to re-imagined how a player could unlock a new ship through upgrades. Although because of prioritization, it was not able to be implemented the design was finalized.


Both Videos are mock-ups made in PowerPoint to give a visual representation of moving the unlocking animation and cursor movement with that new system.

Unlocking Animation

Cursor Movement

Ship Tech Tree

Ship Tech Tree

Displaying the ships unlock tech tree that informs the player of ship rarity tier and availability.

Purchase Page

Purchase Page

Displaying the purchase requirement before a player can unlock a new Ship.



The design is meant to give the player the opportunity to re-queue into a new game with the press of a button after finishing game ergo avoiding having to go back the main menu.