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During my time at EA Sports I was part of the live production team for NBA Live Mobile. We worked in a Kandan methodology, prioritizing on submitting live content daily. 

I worked as both a content producer on live events and a designer on campaigns.

NBA Live Overivew
Live Events

Live Events

I was in charge of a feature called Live Events. LE are quick 30s gameplay challenges that tested the player in different aspect of Basketball from dribbling drills to free throws. Since content was released daily, I would receive constant feedback from players and would be able to iterate the new content quickly. 


My biggest challenge was to be able to bring innovation and manage player's expectation. LE are meant to be quick easily repeatable sessions. Bringing new designs meant that the player had a learning curve experience that demanded more focus. Making sure the difficulty of those new events were tailored to player's expectations was my favorite part of the job.


Designing Campaigns

Campaigns are 1 to 2 week long themed events based around either a holiday or an NBA event like Playoffs. Our goal as designers was to create engaging gameplay themed around this event to optimized player participation and player conversion to paid customer. 

My goal is always to prioritize documentation through visuals rather than words. Here is an example of a proposal document for a Christmas themed campaign.


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